Why Promo Guru?

Take control of how you share your music with DJs, artists and tastemakers.

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Share your music directly from Dropbox

No need to upload anything to Promo Guru.

Keep your music secure

Dropbox links stay hidden and can't be leaked.

One-click publishing

Change your tracks' visibility with a single click.

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Pull artwork and metadata from Beatport

We scrape Beatport to save you precious time.

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Make a statement with
your discography

Showcase your full back catalogue and latest promos all at once.

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Access tokens

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Create unlimited access tokens

Complete control over who can access your music.

Disable a token in a single-click

Quickly stop a token being used by any more people.

Auto-expiring tokens

Create tokens that expire automatically - perfect for campaigns!

Token access control

Full control over which tracks each token has access to.